Geomorph Design

Client Testimonial

"Our Creekside retaining wall collapsed in a storm last winter. After a contractor helped us with the initial cleanup and temporary safety measures, we soon discovered that replacing the retaining wall (even in the same location with the same materials) was going to be a regulatory nightmare. Aside from needing to get the approval of the Town we live in, we also needed to get approval from the Army Corps of Engineers, Bay Area Regional Water Quality Control Board, and Department of Fish and Wildlife. Luckily we were able to hire Matt Smeltzer of geomorphDESIGN to guide us through this process. His help and advice were invaluable as we not only needed to fill in numerous documents, but we had to “negotiate” with the Agencies in order to show them that what we were doing was the best possible action. Not only was Matt responsive and able to get us through all of the requirements, but through his years of experience in working with/for various Marin County government agencies, he was able to advise us on what was important to the various agencies and how we could comply while keeping the disruption to our property to a minimum. Personnel from the various agencies were familiar with Matt and his work and were very responsive to his suggestions and analysis. If the same calamity befell us again, one of my first phone calls would be to Matt."

~ Mark

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